Our Resource Recovery in Wollongong

Don’t Dump—Recycle!

Have you recently finished a construction project and found yourself left with loads of waste material that could be repurposed? Would you rather your construction and demolition waste be recycled rather than tipped into landfill? These days, both homeowners and businesses are becoming more conscious about their environmental impact when it comes to disposing of waste. That’s why, at Bin City, we process and recycle all waste through our resource recovery facility.

Bin City Truck — Recycling Centre in Shellharbour, NSW
Bin City Truck on Road — Recycling Centre in Shellharbour, NSW

Materials We Recycle

What We Can Take

What We Can’t Take

Please ensure that you don’t have any dangerous or prohibited materials mixed in with your waste. We can take your asbestos in our dedicated bins, but due to obvious hazards, this needs to be arranged prior to delivery.